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How to make internals visible to test projects

Since .NET 5 this functionality is built in! That means you only need to add the <InternalsVisibleTo> attribute in your csproj to make this work if you are running .NET 5 or higher.

Put the following MSBuild task into your Directory.Build.props in your src folder.


  <Target Name="InternalsVisibleToTask" BeforeTargets="GenerateAdditionalSources" Condition="@(InternalsVisibleTo) != ''">
      <AssemblyAttribute Include="System.Runtime.CompilerServices.InternalsVisibleTo">


In the .csproj for the project that contains the internal class add the following:

  <InternalsVisibleTo Include="Project.Name.UnitTest" />

Remember to specify the correct test project where the internals should be made visible